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Myotherapist using a trigger point technique for shoulder pain.


Our myotherapy sessions prioritise your comfort and goals, so you can live your best life. Whether you're in pain, recovering from an injury, or want to move better, we are here for you!

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Hi, I'm Kayla, the owner of KEC-START and a Myotherapist based in Brisbane.

About Me

I completed my Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy in 2023 and I am registered with Myotherapy Australia. My background also includes valuable experience as an Exercise Physiologist in New Zealand.

At  KEC-START my mission is clear: to provide quality service with a personal touch. Integrity, authenticity, and empathy are at the heart of my practice.

My approach is client-centred, prioritising your best interests through transparent communication and collaboration with other health professionals, ensuring the best possible outcomes for you.

Myotherapy consultation to understand our client's needs, preferences and goals.
Myotherapist using myofascial cupping for leg pain.


Myotherapy offers a range of benefits for various conditions, including:

  • Alleviating repetitive strain injuries, helping you regain comfort and mobility in your daily activities.

  • Relieving muscle pain or tension that limits your range of movement, allowing you to move with ease and flexibility.

  • Accelerating recovery from sports injuries like sprains, strains, and tears, so you can get back to your active lifestyle faster.

  • Managing chronic pain such as lower back pain and neck pain, providing relief and improving your overall quality of life.

  • Easing joint pain associated with conditions like osteoarthritis, supporting joint function and reducing discomfort.


60 MINUTES    $120

90 MINUTES    $180

HICAPS is available onsite.

Please check your private health fund policy to see if you are covered for myotherapy.

Myotherapist using dry needling for shoulder pain.
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